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Single Mother Returning to School


I am a single mother who has been going through a difficult period in my life. I graduated from nursing school in 2000. While returning  to school the next fall to work on my BSN, my father was tragically killed on the job Dec. 26, 2001.  My mother, also, was diagnosed with cancer.  My world fell apart from there.

Due to the extreme stress, I became ill and lost my new job.  Shortly after, I was diagnosed with two lifelong painful disorders that left me unable to work for a year and a half.  I did return to work- only to last for four months.  Again, I was off another ten months. 

Starting in the summer of 2003, I returned to school online working on the prequsites that I had to take in order to get in the nursing program.  Finally, I have FINISHED!!!!!

But, I have had to take out student loans to accomplish this.  And now I will be planning on attending the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences via Online BSN program in the Spring.  I NEED MONEY, MONEY,MONEY, that I don't have to repay back. I need all the grants or scholarships I can get to supplement my income so that I don't have to borrow anymore.

Anyone who knows how to help me get access to these  funds that are available to nurses, please CONTACT  ME!




Talk to Peaches


I am single black female. I am a mother of two beautiful children.  My son is thirteen years old and my daughter is eleven.  I just relocated to Georgia from Tennesse last August.  I have been working on advancing my career in nursing since 2003 after the tragic death of my father.

My goal was to be a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner or Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, since I have been specializing in pediatrics upon graduating from LPN school in 1996. But I have such strong interests in doing Legal Nurse Consulting at this time.

I really want to have my own business one day doing something in Nursing.  What its going to be, I don't know.  But, I love what I am doing professionally.  I have not regretted the decision I have made as a career.

Taking care of people makes me feel good inside.  I like to treat all my clients as if they are my family, 'cause if I do....then, I know I can never go wrong and that I am giving them the best of care.

Nursing to me is all about Love for your neighbor.  That's God's greatest commandment! 

Talk to Peaches